Sunday, November 18, 2018
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B2B tips  

How to generate quality leads like a pro!  Recently our marketing specialist team got together and determined that a good many of our client inquiries had something in common.  It seems that everyone wants to know how to generate quality leads like a pro!  It became a unanymous decision that we make it a focus area this year with our business clients and subscribers and try to teach as many as we can how to become the quality lead generating pro that they want to be.  Our team also unanymously agreed that the best place to begin was with two important and basic realizations.  Read our blog post for all the details.  The post was written for all business owners who would much rather have quality leads than crappy ones, and who are open to listening to the the clearest and most effective guidance to get you there.  Read full blog post!

How to drive more "good" traffic to your website!  Discover what you need to do to direct more quality and qualified visitors to your website!
Do you wish you had more visitors on your website?  Do you wish more of your visitors would engage with you?  You are not the only one who covets the ideal visitors, as well as their interest.  Find out just what you need to do to accelerate the rate of visitors to your website, plus get traffic from people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.


Learning about trust-based marketing can ultimately become the best decision any business owner will make.  Trust-based marketing is the foundation around which every business should be building the rest of their marketing.  Those businesses that understand this and adopt even just a few elements of trust-based marketing see quickly the impacts they are making to their business's profits, efficiencies and overall successes.  Visit this page often for on-going tips that you can use to help give your business the boosts it can use to launch forward faster and with greater ease.

Want more people to fill out your Contact Form(s) on your website? 
Each time you are able to capture the attention of someone interested or in need of what you do, it is a viable customer relationship in the making.  Losing out on them is both critical and costly. Taking the steps outlined in this article will become the impetus that guides your website visitors to fill out your Contact Forms more often, which will become the impetus to providing you the leads that keep you in business.


  20 Review Do’s and Don’ts
that will help
  you determine how to get the best performance
from enlisting Customer Reviews on your business's
behalf in the right places, the right ways.


The oldest complaint on the books... I can't get them to call me back! 
Customers have been frustrated over this forever.  It is the number one customer
complaint, heard over and over again.  But wait, it may (or may not!) surprise
how many contractors mutter a similar mantra about their customers not returning
their calls, either.  Check this article out.  See who is worse at this?!  Is it customers or contractors? 



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