Tuesday, August 22, 2017
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Know you need to make some changes in your business,
but not totally sure what they should be?

Whether you are a start-up business or have been around for 100 years, exploring what it means to approach things through a "trust-focused" set of lenses could prove to be a game changer for most businesses.  This has been our area of specialty since 2004!  Over the past thirteen years, we have had the pleasure to work with over 3500 businesses, helping them map out the simplest paths to greater revenues, profits and overall company successes. 

Our specialists at The Service Guide take a great deal of pride in first becoming your educators. By providing you with insight and information about how you can approach your business and your (past, present, and future!) customers, through a trust-focused set of lenses, you can decide on steps that fit with your business better than anyone else can.

We invite you to schedule a "Sponge Session" with one of our specialists!

Here is what you can expect:
You will get a full hour of dedicated time that includes plenty of time for q's and a's!  The specialist that meets with you will have taken time prior to your "sponge session," to research and prepare information that applies specifically to your company and your industry.  Every "sponge session" is a little different, as not all businesses experience the same challenges or have the same missions, policies, practices in place.

The first thing your "sponge session" will reveal is your company's current Trust Factor IQ.  This discovery will more than likely be an enlightening experience.  Prepare to discover things some of your team members, as well as your company, as a whole, are doing well, so you can continue doing them.  Get ready to find out things you can start doing right away that will begin to improve and strengthen important elements of your business, such as:

  • Your revenue and profits
  • Your ability to generate higher quality leads easier and more often
  • Converting leads into customers at a faster rate and higher percentage
  • Your team members becoming stronger contributors and achievers

Scheduling a Sponge Session with one of our specialists is easy and fast.  Soak up invaluable information that has the potential to make the strongest differences to your business in the simplest and most practical ways.  Simply click on the icon above and book a time frame with us that works for you.  Or contact us directly at 763-745-7490 to schedule a time frame that works for you!

Thank you.  We are looking forward to your soaking up tons of information that will help you begin quickly to strengthen parts of your business in ways you likely never thought to be so simple and profitable. 

Perhaps you are more interested in one or more of these areas.  Pick and choose what you want to learn more about:

I am ready to start generating higher quality leads!  


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