Sunday, November 18, 2018
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Book this 90-minute class for your company, or book it for individual groups, teams, or departments within your company.

Trustonomics ~ The only place where the most important topic to all businesses is not only discussed, it is defined and dissected. TRUST is the primary separator between a customer and their hiring decisions 97% of the time.  And, strikingly, TRUST is one of the most underestimated and only partially understood opportunities of our time.  With stakes as high as 97%, businesses that understand the influence and openings to advance themselves behind TRUST, stand to gain in ways bigger than most realize. 

Trustonomics proves with every class that even the smartest and strongest teams experience plenty of "aha" moments. If your company means business and wants to continuously win business; this 90-minute class provides needed clarity and perspective you never knew you didn't have. Increased revenues, profits, and successes are the ultimate benefits your company will experience when you apply what you learn from this class.  But they aren't the only benefits you will experience. Team members from every job role, every level, and all ages gain new and unexpected insight that alters mindsets, fostering deeper contributions and achievements as a result.

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we promise you can expect to take away!

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 Did you know you can turn your wisdom into leads?
 Customers begin to gain trust in companies when they believe 
 the business is knowledgeable.  When businesses are effective
 at providing confirmation of their expertise in multiple ways, it
 undeniably helps them convert interested visitors into leads. 
 This class will reveal secrets to effectively utilizing your
 knowledge and expertise to gain more new, quality, and "ready
 to hire" customers.  Come learn essentail steps you can take to
 connect with customers in need of your services with convincing,
 conversion-worthy confirmation that prove you know your stuff!

  See full class description and REGISTER - Check for schedule!

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